Save a Lot of Time by Copy-Pasting

No more searching through emails and docs. Store all your pre-made answers, responses, templates, proposals, contact information (and more) in one accessible place

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How to Use Tray

Tired of searching for your ZIP code? Typing your bank info? Remembering your customer support answers? Try Tray!

STEP 1: Store your responses

Create a row for each piece of information you want to copy-paste on a daily basis. For example, your contact information, pricing or ZIP code.

STEP 2: Copy it

Design your saved text in any font, color or relevant styling you want. You can even add images, videos and links for more advanced pieces (like proposals) and click on "Copy" whenever you need it.

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STEP 3: Paste it

After all your answers are organzied and saved, you can copy-paste any saved answer in 1 click, everywhere you want. E.g forms, emails, messages etc.



If you want anything get done faster - you need to get this extension! It's absolutely amazing. It will literally save me HOURS each year.


This extension does more than I think I bargained for. I didn't realize (until someone told me) all you have to do is right click and bam, there are your canned responses. Customer service is GREAT!


This extension is just what I was looking for! I could not be happier!


  • Up to 5 saved responses
  • Advanced editor
  • Basic support
  • Unlimited saved responses
  • Search & filter responses
  • Advanced editor
  • Premium support
Coming Soon
  • Unlimited saved responses
  • Search & filter responses
  • Responses sharing
  • Advanced editor
  • Premium support
  • How much time Tray can save me?

    If you answers emails, shop online, fill out forms and things like that, you can save even 30 minutes each day.

  • What type of answers can I store n this Chrome extension?

    You can store pre-made answers, support responses, templates, business proposals, contact information, sales pitch, links and more.

  • Is the free plan limited by time?

    NO! You can use Tray extenstion for free forever

  • Who built this?

    The same company behind Poptin, Prospero and Premio. We've noticed we waste a lot of time on searching for things we already typed and answered in Gmail and other places, so we came up with this extension to be more productive on a daily basis.